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About the Composer


Bryan believes that the magic of music exists in the kinship of the musicians and the audience as they take a musical journey together. Using engaging harmonic palettes, organic meter, and clarity of musical ideas, he aims to be a storyteller through his music. His narratives use personal experiences or empathetic imaginings to facilitate a shared musical journey, in the hopes of creating a connection between the music and the listener on both an intellectual and emotional level. 

Winner of the Ars Nova 7th Annual Colorado Composer's Competition, Bryan has been a featured composer in concerts across the U.S. and achieves regular performances of his works at large events, such as the state MEA (Music Educators Association) annual conferences. His music is published by BigBrook Music, and Hal Leonard. Bryan earned his Master's of Music in Composition in 2020 from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

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