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To the River! (2019)

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Digital Score (8.5x11): $2.50/copy       Printed Score (8.5x11): $2.50/copy

Instrumentation: SSATBB (A Cappella)

Duration: 06:00

Text: Edgar Allan Poe

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About the Piece

Written for the University of Nebraska - Lincoln Chamber Singers under the direction of Dr. Marques Garrett. Premiered by a choir comprised of various professional musicians from the Denver area under the direction of Michael Ballard on June 26th, 2020 at the St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Denver, CO.

The Story

"To the River!" is another work symbolic of a growth point in my compositional process as a MM student. Attempting to explore writing music that implies the "second level" of the meaning of the text opposed to its surface, this work is about love.


Embark on a captivating musical journey that mirrors the poet's soulful contemplation of a tranquil river, entwined with the fervor of his passion for Old Alberto's daughter.


A delicate triplet motif, akin to the rhythmic flow of the river and the pulsating beat of the poet's enamored heart, weaves its way through the composition, guiding us through twists and turns of emotion.  Just as the river bends, so does the poet's thoughts, revealing his true muse - the enchanting daughter of Old Alberto.


As the music swells with the fervency of his love, jubilance fills the air, celebrating the boundless beauty of affection.  Yet, amidst the euphoria, a poignant realization dawns upon the poet: the inherent vulnerability of risking one's heart in love.

Through haunting melodies and poignant harmonies, we are transported to the precipice of uncertainty, where the poet grapples with the profound implications of his emotions.


In this evocative masterpiece, the composer skillfully captures the essence of love's journey - from the ecstasy of infatuation to the poignant introspection of vulnerability, leaving us entranced by the transcendent power of the human heart.





Poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Fair river! in thy bright, clear flow
        Of crystal, wandering water,
    Thou art an emblem of the glow
            Of beauty—the unhidden heart—
            The playful maziness of art
    In old Alberto's daughter;

     But when within thy wave she looks—
            Which glistens then, and trembles—
    Why, then, the prettiest of brooks
            Her worshipper resembles;
    For in my heart, as in thy stream,
        Her image deeply lies—
    His heart which trembles at the beam
        Of her soul-searching eyes.

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