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Requiem (2015)

SKU: G011103-3

Digital Score (8.5x11): $4.50/copy    Spiral Bound Book (8.5x11): $5.50/copy

Instrumentation: SATB Double Choir (A Cappella)

Duration: 29:30

Text: Traditional Catholic Requiem Mass

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About the Piece

Written for and premiered by the Denver Pro Chorale under the direction of Dr. Michael J. Kornelsen. Dedicated to Cherise Leiter and the Denver Pro Chorale. Premiered on April 17th, 2015 at the Church of the Ascension in Denver, CO. 

The Story

After a successful premiere of my piece, "Sanctus" by the Denver Pro Chorale, Mike made a joke: "So when are we going to perform your entire Mass?" This set me off over the next eight months, furiously writing the largest and most complex work I had ever crafted fresh out from earning my Bachelor's degree.


Written in seven movements, and split into three sections, this work follows the journey of a soul after the death of a person. The first section, "The People," focuses on those still living, and how the departure of the soul has impacted them. Starting with a slow and sad first movement, the second movement ending this section is much more bouncy and lively; the people are choosing to celebrate the life of the departed instead of their death.


The second section, "The Perished" is a focus on the souls as they leave this "mortal veil." After the souls wander aimlessly in the "Pie Jesu," they are fought over by heaven and hell in the "Dies Irae." Heaven claims these souls, and this section ends with them seeing God for the first time ("Sanctus").


The last section, "The Perpetual" is the last stretch of the journey as the souls settle into eternity. Jesus welcomes the souls to heaven ("Agnus Dei"), and they then praise God throughout eternity ("In Paradisum"). 


(ii.  Kyrie - 4:49)           (v. Sanctus - 14:32)

(iii. Pie Jesu - 9:46)      (vi. Agnus Dei - 19:17)

(iv. Dies Irae - 11:30)    (vii. In Paradisum - 21:40)


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Section I: The People

i. Introit - SATB Double Choir

ii. Kyrie - SATB Choir

Section II: The Perished

iii. Pie Jesu (newly extended!) - SSAA Choir

iv. Dies Irae - SATB Double Choir

v. Sanctus - SSAATTBB Choir

Section III: The Perpetual

vi. Agnus Dei - TBB Choir with Alto (or Tenor) soloist

vii. In Paradisum - SATB Double Choir

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See the Score
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