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Praise to the Lord! (2017)

SKU: G012202-3


Digital Score (8.5x11): $3.00/copy       Octavo: $3.50/copy

Instrumentation: SSAA, Piano, & Percussion (available in TTBB and SATB)

Duration: 03:30

Text: Gaby Cornbrash

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About the Piece


Written for and premiered by the Trinity United Methodist Church of Denver Women's Choir under the direction of Michael Ballard. Premiered on Jan. 14th, 2018 at Trinity United Methodist Church of Denver, CO.

The Story

One of my favorite conductors to work with is my best friend, Michael Ballard. Whilst living with Mike, one evening we came to an agreement that I should compose a new piece for him to perform with his Women's Choir at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Denver, continuing a relationship between the choir and my music from the previous year. 


I set to work immediately, excited for my first composition specifically for this group. After spending a couple of weeks composing, I showed Mike what I had, but with the caveat that I felt there was something missing. I just couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. Mike listened to the whole work, paused thoughtfully for a moment in silence, and then chuckled as he put as simply as I've ever heard Mike put anything musical: "It needs percussion." Within 15 minutes, the piece was complete and full of new life thanks to the percussion parts. It was premiered by the choir the day before Martin Luther King Jr. day, at their Sunday service (myself debuting as a percussionist on the drum part). 


"Praise to the Lord" is an exhilarating work for women's choir and Percussion/Piano. In an ABA+ form, the two opposite themes show up together simultaneously in the return of the A section. This piece is a great way to introduce a group to mixed meter, and is also available for TTBB Choir, and SATB choir.


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Poetry by Gaby Cornbrash


Praise to the Lord, O praise Him,

Praise His holy name.

For all who seek the name of the Lord,

No matter who, no matter when,

No matter what,

Are beloved:

The Lord sees all his children as precious.

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Praise to the Lord!Colorado Mesa University Women's Choir
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