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Piano Prelude No. 1 (2018)

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Instrumentation: Piano

Duration: 03:30

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About the Piece

Written for and premiered by Ross Mosier for the Carter Pann Guest Composer/Artist Concert. Premiered on Dec. 4th, 2018 at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln Campus. 

The Story

One of the first opportunities I had at UNL during my Master's Degree was writing a Piano Prelude to be performed by a fellow UNL Student at a concert for visiting composer/pianist Carter Pann. It was an amazing collaborative project that allowed me to not only get to know great piano music, but a talented and very kind pianist. Keep on the lookout for future collaborations with Ross, as I'm sure there are more to come! 

"A Theme from the Clouds" is a piano prelude meant to invoke the image of a peaceful sunrise in the listener’s mind. Quickly though, the storm clouds come and progressively blur this beautiful scene - soon it is beyond recognition. In a final moment of triumph, the sunbeams pierce through and the clouds part to reveal the majestic scenery again - glorious, but changed by the storm.



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