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Nine Mile (2014)

SKU: G02401-2


Printed Score (Full & Parts): $170

Study Score: $50

Instrumentation: Wind Ensemble (picc+2,2,3+bass,1-ATB-232111-timp+3)

Duration: 06:00

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About the Piece


The Story

This work was the culmination and final piece of music that I composed for my undergraduate degree. It is not only representative of an electric train, but also my journey through my undergrad degree. The train theme that starts the piece remains prominent throughout the work, and each new theme-- or "stop"-- stands alone as a quoted melody or idea from one of the works I wrote in my time at MSU Denver. After these multiple "stops," it reaches an altogether new musical idea that is representative of this specific piece in my journey. Near the end, the piece grows more chaotic and powerful as each theme from the entire work (and, consequently, from my entire degree) sounds together. 



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