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Dreams of a Spring

Night (2017)

SKU: G012103-3


Digital Score (8.5x11): $3.00/copy       Printed Score (8.5x11): $3.50/copy

Instrumentation: Unison Choir & Piano (optional second part in movement 2)

Duration: 06:00

Text: Gaby Cornbrash


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About the Piece

Commissioned and premiered by the World Compass Academy WCA Choir under the direction of Michael Ballard. Premiered 

on May 25th, 2017 at World Compass Academy in Castle Rock, CO.

The Story

When Michael Ballard was the music director at World Compass Academy, he asked that I write a piece for his exceptional childrens choir. I saw this as a good challenge, having written primarily high-difficulty choral works up to that point. Another challenge I added for myself was trying to craft a piece that spoke primarily to the children singing it. Having heard all about the things Mike was sharing with his music classes, as well as knowing a little about his methods (Orff-Schulwerk being the primary one), I had a lot of pre-existing musical material I could intertwine in this work for these kids. In the end, I crafted a special movement alongside these three listed here, called "Mr. Ballard's Music Class." Here the kids were able to sing a medley of some of their favorite Orff tunes, YouTube videos (some set to music by yours truly), and warm-up exercices. Although this movement is not included in the score for purchase here, some of the quotes from the specially crafted "Mr. Ballard's Music Class" can be found scattered throughout the other pieces in this set.


"Dreams of a Spring Night" is a work in three movements that depicts the story of a child going to sleep, a dream that then follows, and finally the child's awakening to the morning sun spilling through their curtains. This piece is a great work to share with your beginning level choirs, full of fun (and accesible) meter changes and dulcet melodies.


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Poetry by Gaby Cornbrash


I. Lullaby

Sleep tight, my child

The moon is bright in the sky,

Dream of a spring time while the night passes by.

Hush! Hush, my young one

The wind whispers, "Rest your eyes

And wake to the morning song of birds saying through the sky."

II. The Monster

Help me, the Monster is after me!

It's eyes are big, it's very tall, it's teeth are sharp and my skin starts to crawl. 

Help me, the monster is very close (too close!)

It's very near, and it's beastly! I see it reaching, help it's gonna catch me! 


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Dreams Of A Spring NightCoal Ridge High School Women's Choir
00:00 / 06:04

III. Morning

The sun is rising, the birds start to sing.

The cold winter of my dreamscapes has woken to the


I awake from the dreams of a spring night to the breeze

     softly tickling my toes.

The soft beams of the sun peek through my window and

     my eyes, 

They blink open and closed.

Oh, I was just sleeping; the monster was not real.

I'm home and safe in my warm bed. 

What adventure will this new day reveal? 

The wind whispers, "Come and play ,

And we'll sing the morning songs of winds blowing far


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