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Crux Fidelis (2017)

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Digital Score (8.5x11): $3.00/copy       Octavo: $3.50/copy

Instrumentation: SATB (a Cappella)

Duration: 03:00

Text: Attributed to St. Venantius Fortunatus

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About the Piece


Written for and premiered by the St. Andrew's Episcopal Church of Denver Choir under the direction of Timothy J. Krueger.


Premiered on Nov. 17th, 2017 at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church of Denver, CO.

The Story

It's no secret that I've thoroughly enjoyed my time in the St. Andrew's Episcopal Church of Denver Choir as a staff singer since I was hired several years ago. Wanting to get my foot in the door with the choir as a composer, I jumped at the opportunity when Tim told me that although he was okay with the current setting of the Crux Fidelis text that we performed on Good Friday every year, if I were to set the text then he would have the choir perform it. Thus, this piece was born.

"Crux Fidelis" is a work originally written for a Good Friday church service, but you can also program it for the concert hall setting.  This work starts with a tune in the soprano set over a drone.  The tune repeats, this time with choral harmonization, before moving into a "darker" key.  Here, the choir sings about the tree used in the crucifixion.  The drone returns while the chorus echoes a glorious melody, representing what the crucifixion means for many.  Finally, the original tune reappears to bring the work to a close.


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Attributed to St. Venantius Fortunatus


Crux fidelis, inter omnes

Arbor una nobilis:

Nulla silva talem profert,

Fronde, flore, germinae:

Dulce lignum, dulce clavos, dulce pondus sustinet.


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(English Translation)

Faithful cross, above all others

One and only noble Tree:

Nothing grows,

No foliage, flower, nor sprouts:

Sweet wood, sweet iron, sweet weight hung there.

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