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A Hymn Tune Rings Throughout Fenchurch S

A Hymn Tune Rings Throughout Fenchurch Station

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Instrumentation: Organ

Duration: 06:00

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About the Piece

Commissioned by the Lincoln, NE chapter of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) in December 2019.


The Story

I was approached by a young, but fiercely talented, piano student whilst attending the University of Nebraska - Lincoln for my Master's Degree with an exciting project: a commission from the local chapter of the AGO for new organ music. Having always been enthusiastic about one day writing for organ, I felt this was the opportunity I had been waiting for (and admittedly a kick in the rear to get over my intimidation of writing for the instrument and try my hand at it).

Although this piece was not premiered because of the COVID-19 outbreak, I'm still very pleased with how it turned out. The piece has two contrasting ideas-- one a chaotic and spinning bed of sound while a hymn tune layers over it, and the other a clash of chords one right after the other, as melody attempts to break through a wall of dissonance. These two ideas oscillate until the melody trying to break free finally does so, and a hymn-like tune rings triumphantly. This represents the hustle and bustle of Fenchurch Station (a small train station in England) that eventually quiets as each of its passengers finds their way and the halls become empty.



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